Miss Liney

The comedy character “Miss Liney” was birthed out of desperation.   Lorne and Jimmie Ruth Matthews were speakers/musicians for a state wide senior’s retreat in Nebraska.   J.R. concluded people go to retreats to have fun and since they were not prepared for that in their program,  “Miss Liney” became a last minute creation for the occasion.  

While Lorne was playing a rousing piano solo, “Miss Liney” unexpectedly walked down the center isle, (much to Lorne’s surprise) and to the delight of those in attendance.   Adorned in her Goodwill cotton dress, thick glasses, distorted, ugly teeth and a less than perfect wig, “Miss Liney”  came hobbling in on her cane at a ‘Miss Liney pace’.    Her stories focus on the fun things and normal happenings of every day life of old age.

Her past success, has opened doors for his ‘old woman’ to appear at senior’s gatherings, some concerts and any occasion appropriate for fun and hilarity.  She is  also taping segments for a new reality television program for seniors.   David Mainse will host this new television venture designed specifically for senior citizens.  He is the highly respected founder of Crossroads Ministries and daily host on “100 Huntley Street” T.V. across Canada for the past 45 years,.   The program will go to air cross country sometime in 2007.   “Miss Liney” will be a regular part of this entertaining, hilarious, informative program. 

Jimmie Ruth named her alter ego “Miss Liney” in memory of her maternal grandmother – Martha Juliana Tennessee Mayo Bailey – (yes, this was her real name)!  She was called “Liney” by her friends  (a short form of Juliana).    She was a very special and much loved grandma.  J.R. says:  “My grandmother was a hoot.  To me she was “Maw Bailey”.  She had a great sense of humor and kept me in stitches as a child; in later years she lived with our family.  She passed away at the age of 86.    Maw Bailey was a proud old woman and loved it when my Mom dressed her up, put finger waves in her beautiful white hair and adorned her in a broad brimmed hat to go to church.   She did not curse or use bad language – I just remember one pet word she always used when she got upset – “KARN-SARN-IT”.   I never knew what it meant but I knew it was used at special times of frustration!”

We have learned through Miss Liney that laughter is a great ministry with anyone and especially with seniors.  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Proverbs 17:22

While having much fun with the senior citizens, we also highly appreciate, look up to and honor those who have walked before us, taught us lessons and paved a road before us.   Those who have walked faithfully with the Lord  into old age are lively stones and memorials to those of us who follow.   Thank you for being examples to generations to come.

For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off… (Acts 2:39)

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