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Perfectly Loved


Most of the songs on this CD were written by Lorne Matthews. After 18 years of marriage, Lorne and Jimmie Ruth almost lost their marriage. However, God has done a miraculous healing and restoration over the past many years. While there is now a tremendous human love between them, they have also learned that there is only One perfect lover - His name is Jesus. He loves us when we are good and He even loves us when we are bad. These songs are more than just music; they are an expression of  love between a husband and wife for each other, but even more for their Perfect Lover. 

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Perfectly Loved *
Gentle Touch *
We Are Not Divided *
  The Covenant Song *
Pour Your Love Through Me *
Drop Every Stone *
Could There Be Love
Old Friends
  Reunited *

* - Songs written by Lorne Matthews


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