Recommendations for Lorne Matthews Ministries


"We enjoyed the ministry of Lorne & Jimmie Ruth Matthews at our Golden Agers at Akron Baptist Temple.   We weren’t really prepared for the blessings we received and were pleasantly surprised with the magnitude of the gifts that God has given both Lorne and Jimmie Ruth.   We look forward to using this ministry again at the church.  I would highly recommend them for a blessing to any ministry, anywhere, at any time!   I will guarantee you a wonderful and spirit-filled experience!"

Rev. Ernie Kemppel

Executive Pastor - Akron Baptist Temple – Akron, OH


"Lorne and Jimmie Ruth Matthews are among the most gifted gospel musicians in ministry today.  Lorne's keyboard skills are unforgettable.  Jimmie Ruth's  outstanding voice has blessed thousands of believers.  Together they make beautiful harmony.  They are a tremendous blessing to those who are privileged to hear them."

Dr. Richard R. Dobbins

Emerge Ministries - Akron, OH


"The presence of the Lord was manifested through your music and testimony during the wonderful concert last evening.  Your professionalism was very evident, but did not overshadow your gifted ability to share and involve us in a "down home" way.  Your openness in sharing the wonderful transformation God made in your marriage was both moving and inspirational.  Thanks for coming our way.  I know God will continue to use you as you share your talents for His Kingdom."

Rev. Morton L. Estep

First Church of the Nazarene - South Charleston, WV


"There are many of us who play well as an accompaniment for a group or a soloist, but there are few who excel  as a soloist.  Lorne is tops among this rare group."

Henry Slaughter, Pianist - Nashville, TN


"Certainly the Spirit of the Lord is upon you and your ministry.  Many people expressed their delight and pleasure as well as the blessing they received from your ministry….we certainly hope to have you back again."

Rev. Jerry W. Pyle

Edinboro Conference Grounds

(CMA) Christian Missionary Alliance - Edinboro, PA


"Lorne Matthews is the best (pianist) I have ever heard."

Anthony Burger, Pianist - Gaither Homecoming videos


"Years have passed since I heard the Matthews and the anointing and the "magic" was there. They made an immediate connection with our people at Rockford – had them laughing, then crying.  Talented, gifted, Spirit-led, the Matthews bring their best when they minister.  They were a joy to work with in everyr egard.  I appreciated that they were clear in their pre-ministry communication, and they did everything they committed to; thoroughly professional but also wonderfully flexible and humble.  They came to serve and honor the Lord but also to serve and love the people.  Their transparency won them instant credibility.  From the initial planning of the event to the final goodbye, the experience was one of the best I have ever had with any traveling group of any kind. We are already planning and excited to have them back with us again."

Pastor Dan Qualls

Administrative Pastor

First Assembly of God - Rockford, IL


"The ministry of Lorne and Jimmie Ruth Matthews is one of the most encouraging, challenging and worshipful ministries I've seen and heard.  Both Lorne and Jimmie Ruth have a clear grip on the Word of God.  More than that, the Word of God has a clear grip on them.  The music is exceptional.  Their personal testimony is absolutely is one of the most powerful contemporary illustrations in our day of what God can do. It's a message that’s critically needed in today's world."

Pastor Donald T. Davies

Arlington Memorial Baptist - Akron, OH


"I have known the Matthew's ministry for a long time.  I can honestly say I have never seen them as anointed and used by God as they are now.  Not only is there fresh anointing on their ministry, but also a fresh and very real hunger in their hearts for their God, who is indeed using them.  I rest in what God has done and is doing in their lives to minister to those around them wherever they go."                       

Pastor Gary Beck

Ravenna A/G - OH


"The Matthews ministered at our Nebraska State Retreat with a rich anointing in music, singing, the Word and prayer for special needs.  Both play keyboard, harmonize and share a wonderful spirit of praise and music that touches the soul.  They also represent a joyful, sincere vein of humor.  Together they share some of their life experiences…the love of God…the power of forgiveness…and the hope of renewal.   The Matthews have impacted our seniors at a new level of appreciation and blessing."                                                                          

Pastor Howard Rice

Nebraska State Senior’s Coordinator

Glad Tidings Assembly of Joy

Omaha, NE


"Thank you Lorne for listening to my long and wounded phone calls when I was pouring out pain - you responded with care and understanding.  The gifts and graces that spoke life into my spirit did take root and our family is on the road to real healing.  I want to say 'Thanks and we will always love and cherish every thought of you and Jimmie Ruth'"

B.G. – Massachusetts