"Keyboards for the King"

Lorne  Matthews, the pianist, is a “living legend”, in a league of his own.  His performance is a unique blend of God-given talent, anointing of the Holy Spirit, class, unusual creativity and hard work.

Lorne has very much developed his own individual, creative style. He can comfortably play behind a rousing black choir or perform the most beautiful classical melody.  A familiar hymn may be introduced  by a resplendent classic from Beethoven or an Oscar Peterson lick might kick off an enthusiastic southern gospel song.  He excels with worship atmosphere. 

Using the very latest in digital keyboards and computerized equipment, Lorne has made a connection with the youth culture, while at the same time, using many familiar hymns to the delight of the senior citizens.   This time of entertainment as well as musical worship and praise will be a blessing  to every age strata.   “Request Time”, is an informal time included as a part of most programs.

While the character of Christ is being formed in the heart of the man, the music flows from his soul to his fingertips, painting an audible  picture without a canvas.  The artist weaves, sculpts and creates various musical pictures.  You are more than just an observer or a listener – you become a part of the masterpiece.  These pictures cannot be duplicated because they come from the deepest emotion of one man – the artist!

Most opportunities include vocal duets with Lorne and wife Jimmie Ruth.  The restoring and healing in their lives is one of the great contemporary miracles of our day.

This musical presentation will be one of the most gripping programs your ears will ever “see” and your heart might ever feel.